The Special Forces for biological processes: well trained, fast and effective

Research has shown that the speed and effectiveness of biological processes highly increases when, besides addition of nutrition, specialised bacteria or fungi are added.  You could consider these specialised bacteria or fungi to be the special forces of the army: well trained, fast and effective. After the job is done, they disappear. The addition of these specialised bacteria or fungi is what we call bioaugmentation.

A great example is the application of bioaugmentation for the removal of soil contamination. By adding our ‘Special Forces’ the pollutants are quickly degraded.

Bioclear earth developed a method for fast culturing of these specialised bacteria. Since these bacterial cultures have a high density, they can be diluted many times without losing effectiveness. This allows us to work with small volumes of culture, but treat large contaminated areas.

Bioaugmentation is widely applicable for the circular economy

Not only can we use bioaugmentation for cleaning up contamination, but it is also applicable to stimulate the health and quality of the soil, to enhance production and fermentation processes and to biological filters.

Thanks to our in house laboratory we can deliver effective bacterial cultures of high density for your project. We can calculate the amount of culture needed for your specific situation.

Do you want to know more about bioaugmentation and its applications, please contact Jeroen Tideman or Eline Keuning.

Jeroen Tideman
Senior consultant bio-energy
Eline Keuning
Lead soil health