Creating with the power of nature

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Creating with the power of nature

Soil & water
Sustainable improvement
Bioclear Earth explores opportunities for soil biology research to support sustainable food production in Egypt
Jeroen Tideman
Teammanager innovation & technology

“The solutions that nature invents, inspire me to create new things, that make the world a bit  more beautiful and more sustainable.”

Bioclear earth puts its expertise to use in optimizing biogas production in the European innovation project MICRO4BIOGAS
Alie Talen
soil & water

"Driven by my passion for nature, I want to contribute to a more sustainable world."

The application of effect-based methods in soil
NAWaBo: Natural Degradation of Groundwater Contaminants in Sediments
Marloes Luitwieler
Consultant soil & water

“Working out smart solutions for the environment and sharing my enthusiasm with others, that’s what makes me happy.”

Adri Nipshagen
Senior consultant soil

“Making the world a bit more beautiful and better; that’s my drive.”

Northern Cooperation project:
in-depth research into soil resilience
It is in the soil
and it grows and fascinates
Freek van den Heuvel
Specialist water quality and phytoremediation

“If we work together with nature almost anything is possible.”

About us
Bugs are everywhere
Eline Keuning
Consultant biotechnology & innovation

“My mission is to translate scientific knowledge into practical solutions that benefit a sustainable society.”

Bioclear earth part of international EU project LANDMARC
Area-oriented groundwater and soil management
The pharmacy of the future
New Focus on the soil remediation of a former gas plant site at Oude Tonge
Maurice Henssen
Chief technology officer and senior consultant

“With my knowledge, enthusiasm and experience, I want to contribute to a sustainable world.”

Soil health in the Northern Netherlands
Working together on soil health of the future
Are willow trees
into Heavy Metal?
The smallest pulping mill on the planet
We proudly present our talented students
Limosa limosa
Sustainable water management and groundwater quality
Almelo future-proof
Soil without
Industrial Nature
Biosparging cleans up BTEX contamination even faster than expected
Diagnosing and solving clogging of wells abstracting groundwater
And the farmer he ploughed on
ATES plus: sustainable
cooling and heating
with a bonus
Wizard and prophets
Niels Hofman
Environmental supervisor and chemical analyst

“Without a doubt nature is my passion, that’s why the combination of fieldwork, lab work and working at the office is ideal for me.”

Dick Specht
Teammanager and consultant soil & water

“Contributing to sustainable growth through continuous development.”

Water corridors: a natural buffer for a better soil and water quality
A solid soil improver from slurry
Power to Methane

An Ancient biofuel
from CO2 and sustainable electricity

Swillpower: driving and heating on kitchen waste
Soil research of the future: new opportunities for optimal soil management
Sytze Keuning
CEO and founder

“Prosperity and a healthy environment can go together successfully, if we are prepared to learn from nature’s intelligence and resourcefulness.”

Innovation and technology for the circular economy
Ancient Internet
Biological soil remediation
Healthy soil
Your Career at Bioclear earth
Why do you get up in the morning?
A second life for used toilet paper
Risk assessment and management
Water quality
In the footsteps of an industrial past
Emiel Elferink
Consultant biobased, sustainability and professor

“I want to contribute to a sustainable society by integrating relating issues and finding innovative multidisciplinary solutions.”

Bioclear earth developed a biological air filter for the aerospace industry
Microbiële analyses
From grass to gas
Bioclear earth laboratory
Groundwater remediation and location development Holwert-Zuid
Niels van Ras
Senior consultant soil & water

“Besides contributing to cleaning up our soil, I also want to help the people who are confronted with problems of soil contamination.”

Invisible reinforcements at Katwijk
Cirsten Zwaagstra
Consultant soil & water

“I want to make myself useful for the environment.”

iSQ test
Testing with nature’s help
Matthijs de Koning
Specialist biodegradation research

“When I’m at work in the lab, I’m totally in my comfort zone."

Ruben Oost
soil & water

"I like to contribute to new developments that make the world a little better and can actually compete with current methods."

Afnan Suleiman
Specialist molecular soil biology

"I love to unravel the puzzles of nature and thus increase our knowledge that leads to innovation and sustainability"

Marieke Oosterwoud
Senior consultant soil & water

"With my drive to gain insight into processes and interactions in ecosystems, I want to contribute to practical solutions for environmental issues."

Sjoerd Jan de Vries
Specialist microbiology

"I like to look at issues in a matter-of-fact way in order to see how we can make things better and more beautiful."

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