We proudly present our talented students

Thijs Blom

Internship project: Influence of soil micro-organisms on plant health

My name is Thijs Blom, and I am studying Biomedical Laboratory Research with a major in Biological Data Science. During my internship at Bioclear earth, I will be researching the influence of soil micro-organisms on the health of potato cultivation, and whether there are differences in the microbiome of resilient and disease-prone soils. The research consists of doing statistical analysis of NGS-samples to demonstrate these differences. I find it very interesting to be able to link the data to actual farming plots, and thus to be able to provide insight into soil health.

Marije van den Born

Graduation project: Substances of very high concern

Hello, I am Marije van den Born and I am 25 years old. I am now in the final year of my master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Sciences at the University of Groningen and I previously completed a bachelor's degree in Chemistry at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

During my graduation research at Bioclear earth, I am working on substances of very high concern (SVHC) and whether these can be biologically remediated in the event of soil contamination. SVHC are substances that are hazardous to humans and the environment. There is often little information about these substances with regard to where they are released, during which processes and whether they are already present in the soil. During my research, I will investigate which substances have the potential for biological remediation, and how these substances can be prioritised.

The graduate internship at Bioclear earth fits in perfectly with my master's degree which focuses on sustainability and environment. Moreover, the atmosphere within the company is very positive, which is why I really enjoy working here.

Willemijn Brouwer

Graduation project: Mrket research pathogens

Hello, I am Willemijn Brouwer, 24 years old and I am in my final year of the master Biomedical Sciences at the RUG.  I have chosen a master program in Science Business and Policy.

During my internship at Bioclear earth, I am conducting market research into pathogens in surface water and dredging sludge, for example. Having more insight into the pathogens present in the environment can lead to better policies on, for example, the reuse of sludge and the quality of surface water. During my internship, I am looking at the following questions. Which pathogens are interesting (because of their risk) to investigate? Is there a need for more research on these pathogens in, for example, sludge or surface water? Which parties in the market need this research?

So far, I really like my internship at Bioclear earth. The atmosphere in the company is very good, which makes you feel at ease quickly as an intern. I am also excited and hopeful that I can contribute to a healthier world through my work at the company.

Mike van Kemenade

Internship project: Optimisation of bio-concrete

My name is Mike van Kemenade, I am 24 years old and a graduate student in biology and medical laboratory research. I come from a village near Eindhoven and have been living in Groningen for the past 6 years. In my spare time I like to spend time in the kitchen trying new things and I like to go cycling or have a beer with my friends. In February I started working as an intern at Bioclear earth on a project called Bio-concrete. Cement production causes a lot of CO2 emissions. In the production of bio concrete, we don't use cement, therefore it should produce less CO2.. Bio-concrete is made using bacteria that glue sand and gravel together. My job is to optimise the method and increase the compressive strength.

Aaron van der Heide

Internship project: Micro4Biogas

I am Aaron van der Heide and I am in the 4th year of the HBO bachelor bioinformatics at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen.

During my internship at Bioclear earth I am working on the Micro4Biogas project. This is a European cooperation project with, among others, the Universities of Valencia, Dresden and Ghent and companies such as Gasterra and Darwin. I am researching the different processes that take place in a bioreactor, which bacteria and Archaea are involved and what would be the optimal composition for maximum and stable methane production.

Carolina Colvée

Intership project: Power to Methane

Intership project: Power to Methane

Hi! My name is Carolina Colvée, I am from Spain and I am 25 years old. I studied biotechnology and did a master in Pollution, toxicology and environmental health. Currently, I am part of an Erasmus internship programme at Bioclear earth to gain experience in the environmental field. I will stay at Bioclear earth for 5 months, working on the project Power to Methane. The main goal of this research is to establish a stable and high yield methane production from the conversion of hydrogen and carbon dioxide inside a Trickle bed reactor with Archaea microorganisms. During my internship at Bioclear earth I will try to reach better methane rates by testing the reaction under different conditions in order to optimise the process.

The internship in Bioclear earth is a good way of gaining knowledge and skills regarding environment-friendly techniques, and an opportunity for improving our professional experience in this field. Bioclear earth has a lot of interesting projects focused on the sustainability and it offers a great atmosphere for students, promoting our development.

Carmen Berenguer

Internship project: Biological regeneration of activated carbon

Internship project: Biological regeneration of activated carbon

Hi! I am Carmen Berenguer, from Spain, and I am 27 years old. I studied Pharmacy in the University of Valencia, with a master in Public health and epidemiology and a master in Pollution, toxicology and environmental health. At the present time I am doing an Erasmus internship at Bioclear earth in order to gain more experience in the fields of environment and toxicology.

I will stay at Bioclear earth for 6 months, working in a new project based on the removal of medicine residues from water with active carbon adsorption followed by biodegradation in combination with a practical and feasible toxicological monitoring. During my stay here I focus on the biological regeneration of activated carbon, which is used to remove pharmaceuticals from decentralized wastewater treatment plants

This internship is a good opportunity to gain knowledge and skills regarding environmental and toxicological techniques, and of achieving more professional experience in these fields. Bioclear earth is involved in a lot of interesting projects regarding environment and sustainability and it presents a really good atmosphere for the students, so we can improve and develop our knowledge.


Bente de Jong

Internship project: Bio-concrete

My name is Bente de Jong and I am in the final year of the Built Environment - Civil Engineering programme at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. My internship assignment is: researching how bio-concrete can be used in civil engineering and for which applications. I am currently doing my graduation research at two companies: at Bioclear earth and at OHPEN Engineers & Innovators.

So far, I really enjoy my internship, despite the fact that it is sometimes a tough subject.

Internships at Bioclear earth

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