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Coen van Beekhuizen

Graduation project: Adsorption of crop protection agents and bio regeneration of granular activated carbon

Hello, my name is Coen van Beekhuizen, I am 20 years old and I am in my final year of my Biotechnology degree at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden.

During my internship I will investigate the adsorption and bio regeneration of crop protection products, building on the work of previous interns. A column setup will be used to find out whether continuous bio-regeneration can be used to delay the saturation of an activated carbon filter, thereby increasing the lifespan of such a filtration system.

Our mutual affinity for innovation and sustainability makes Bioclear one of the most suitable companies for my internship project, in which I can contribute to a better future. Thanks to the enthusiastic and helpful working atmosphere, I also really enjoy my internship.

Mark van der Meer

Graduation project: Optimisation of microbially induced calcium carbonate precipitation as an alternative to cement for the production of bio-concrete

I am Mark van der Meer and as a final project for my bachelor biotechnology at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, I will spend the next six months improving the technical feasibility of bacterially produced bio concrete.

Conventional concrete is the most widely used material worldwide. Unfortunately, the production of cement, which is an essential ingredient for concrete, accounts for about 8% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions. A potentially more sustainable alternative to cement is the use of a bacterial process called Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP). This process uses a bacteria-induced formation of calcium carbonate to bind minerals together. This process has already demonstrated its potential, although homogeneity and hardness of MICP-produced concrete blocks remains a major challenge. The goal of my research is to develop a lab-scale method to produce homogeneous MICP concrete blocks for future application at a larger scale.

I am glad that I can carry out this project at Bioclear earth where sustainable developments are key, as I like to be active in that field myself.

Marijn van Dijk

Internship project: water corridor pilot

My name is Marijn van Dijk, I am twenty years old and in the third year of my bachelor International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University & Research. My bachelor includes a graduation internship of approximately four months, which I enjoy doing at Bioclear earth. During this internship I will assist in a pilot for a water corridor, a large swamp area where water can be stored, while at the same time pesticides and nutrients are removed.

A technical design already exists for this project. The challenge is to create social support among all parties involved. That is why I am going to investigate how similar projects have gained support, by entering into discussions with people within organizations who were responsible for this process. In this way, various cases can provide insight into the creation of social support, after which the water corridor hopefully becomes a very successful initiative.

Given the Corona crisis I cannot be present on location very often, but Bioclear earth came up with creative ways for me to stay involved. I really like the open atmosphere within the company and I appreciate that they take the time to listen to your ideas or doubts. Finally, the mission of Bioclear earth ties in very well with my own vision on land and water issues.


Alessia Ore

Graduation project: Biodegradation of PFAS

My name is Alessia Ore and I am a student from Wageningen University. After a Bachelor in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology (in Italy), I am now doing a WUR Master in Biobased Sciences. Through my thesis and internship projects, I am specialising in Bioremediation. At Bioclear earth, I am working on PFAS biodegradation. PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are known to be ever-lasting compounds, they are frequently detected in the environment but also in human blood. Therefore, they pose a serious threat and solutions are needed to remove them in an effective and yet sustainable (both environmentally and economically) way. I am the first master student working on this project at Bioclear earth, and I am basing my research on a combination of findings from literature studies. I hope I will provide a useful basis to the researchers that will continue my work at the end of my Internship at Bioclear earth.

I am passionate about bioremediation and I am glad I have the possibility to deepen my knowledge on it at Bioclear earth.

Internships at Bioclear earth

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