We proudly present our talented students

Cleo Offers

Internship: a solid soil improver from slurry and the influence of manure injection on soil health

Hallo I am Cleo Offers.  My internship at Bioclear earth is the final part of my study Energy and Environmental Sciences at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. I work on a project concerning the separation of cattle slurry. Goal of the project is to produce a solid fertilizer while preserving as many nutrients as possible. In addition I ‘m looking at the consequences of manure injection on soil health. The current manure policy is only based on limiting the emission of ammonia into the air and the leaching of nitrates to (ground) water. The consequences for the soil and life in the soil are not taken into account. I would like to make this picture more complete! It is motivating to do an internship here. I learn lots of new things. The project is multidisciplinary, each expert brings his knowledge to the table. Collaboration is therefore interesting, because you’re not only looking at the questions and challenges from your own perspective. I think it is just like in an ecosystem:  higher diversity makes the system more resilient!

Stefan Bonsema

Internship: PET- degrading bacteria

Hello, my name is Stefan Bonsema and I’m from Groningen. I’m a third-year MBO student laboratory & process technology at Noorderpoort and I am specializing as a biological-medical analyst. One of my internship assignments involves PET-degrading bacteria. This project appeals to me because it’s a very hot topic. There’s a large amount of (PET) plastic debris in the ocean, which nature is unable to degrade rapidly. With these bacteria under the right conditions a PET-bottle can be degraded in six weeks. We investigate where we can find these bacteria and how we can cultivate them in the laboratory. Then we do several analyses and tests on the bacterium, for example a degradation rate test.

I am convinced that in the future this bacterium will play a major role in solving one of the biggest problems in the world.


Marlies Muller

Internship: bio-pulping, growth of filamentous fungi in a bioreactor

I am Marlies (25) from Vienna, Austria. I moved to the Netherlands for my masters in biotechnology at Wageningen University, which I have almost completed. The last piece of the puzzle is my internship here at Bioclear earth, which I started in September. Here I study the growth of filamentous fungi in bioreactors to ultimately design an on-site augmentation bioreactor for the application of filamentous fungi in bio-pulping projects. In my project I enjoy that I get to connect biology with process engineering, as I do classical biological growth experiments, but also more creative, hands-on engineering of different bioreactors. It is very interesting to experience working as an environmental engineer and to get an idea what kind of jobs there are. Within the company I especially like the spirit of sharing information with everybody here and the freedom I get in planning my project and experiments. As an intern, I am happy to be part of uitjes and Sinterklaasfeest, and am looking forward to spending four more months here.

Rutger Struiksma

I am Rutger Struiksma, a student Biotechnology at van Hall Larenstein University of applied sciences, with a major in Process Engineering. As part of my graduation project at Bioclear earth, I work on the Swillpower project in which I monitor and optimize a pilot digester. My research also involves modelling the system and testing on lab scale. During this internship I’m able to contribute to different parts of the research. What attracted me to this assignment in the first place, was working on pilot scale, which gives you a really good idea of the potential of this project. Furthermore I already had some experience with the theory of producing biogas and I thought it would be fun to put this knowledge into practice. The great thing about an internship at Bioclear earth is that you get the freedom to design your own experiments and research. Everyone is very approachable and if I have any questions, there is always someone to help me out.

Gabriella Lie Piang

Internship: optimization of bio pulping with white rot fungi

My name is Gabriella Lie Piang and I’m a graduate student at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, University of applied sciences. I study Biology and Medical Laboratory research, with a major in Research. My internship concerns the research on bio pulping.  This involves the breaking down of lignocellulose biomass using white rot fungi. The goal of my research project is to find substances that reduce the risk of infections and/or stimulate the enzyme production of the white rot fungi. I enjoy working on this project because I think using lignocellulose biomass for different applications is very innovative and at the same time sustainable