We proudly present our talented students

Anne Cornelissen

Internship: Power to Methane

Hello, my name is Anne Cornelissen and I am a student of Science, Business & Policy within the Masters programme in Chemistry at the University of Groningen. During my internship at Bioclear earth, I am exploring the exciting future of power to methane! This innovative technique allows the carbon dioxide to be converted to methane using archaea and hydrogen. The resulting green gas can be used in the natural gas grid, in the industry or in the transport sector. In my project, I look into the possibilities of setting up a power to methane demonstrator and whether there is interest in the biogas sector for this. I am excited about contributing to sustainable development in this way. Additionally, I enjoy talking to people. I really like the atmosphere at Bioclear earth. I have got a lot of good ideas for my project. In addition, I have been given the liberty to add my own spin to the project. On top of that, my colleagues are very easy-going.

Noah Han van der Spoel

Graduation project: The living soil

My name is Noah Han van der Spoel and I am a 4th year student of Biology and Medical Laboratory Science at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. I discovered that biotechnology is the most interesting field for me during my first internship at a biotechnology company. Now, during my graduation assignment at Bioclear earth, I am working on a really interesting project called 'The Living Soil', where my passion for microbiology and biotechnology comes in handy. In this project, I am looking at what really goes on in the soil which is the source of our food. The placement is a good fit with my degree course. I also like the fact that, in addition to the analyses in the lab, I am also busy in the field, from calling the farmers to carrying out and interpreting the qPCR analyses. It is fun and challenging at the same time.

Sylvia Oelemans

Internship project: The living Soil

My name is Jacco Blom. I am a fourth year Biology and Medical Laboratory science student at Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

This trimester I will be working on accumulating and analysing fermenting cultures for the MICRO4BIOGAS project. I will be looking at cultures that are prevalent in the fermentation process and developing a method to speed up the fermentation steps.

This internship gives me a lot of freedom and the opportunity to shape my own research, which I really enjoy!

Niels Veenstra

Graduation project: Micro4Biogas

Hello, my name is Niels Veenstra and I am a student of Biology & Medical Laboratory Research at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. During my graduation project, I am working on creating a bioreactor that can convert CO2 into methane gas. In doing so, I use photosynthetic and methanogenic micro-organisms that work together to convert CO2 and light into methane. The aim of this research is to create a system that uses greenhouse gas to produce a renewable fuel source.

During my internship at Bioclear, I liked the atmosphere at the company so much that I decided to conduct my graduation project here as well. In addition, the topics being researched at Bioclear are very inspiring to work on.

Esmee Nijenhuis

Internship Project: Impact of organic and non-organic farming on Indonesian coffee and pongamia farmland

Hello, I am Esmee Nijenhuis, a biotechnology student at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. I have chosen to combine Biological Data Science and Plant Biotechnology during my graduation course.

During my internship at Bioclear earth, I am involved in the LANDMARC project. Specifically, I am looking at the impact of different LMTs* on arable farming and the effect on carbon storage worldwide. One of the case studies I will be working on is in Indonesia, where I will be looking at the effect of organic and non-organic cultivation of Arabica coffee and Pongamia plants (known for their potential benefits in soil restoration and bioenergy) on soil microbiota and soil properties (including the ability of microbes to sequester carbon).

I will continue to do this with enthusiasm and commitment during my internship at Bioclear Earth. This internship nicely complements the previously conducted research on how soil nematodes affect agricultural fields. I am therefore very much looking forward to learning, experiencing and applying even more in the multi-faceted field of soil microbiology with the support of Bioclear earth.

* LMTs are strategies where we use our land use and management to help reduce the harmful effects of climate change.

Anjali Kalloe

Graduation project: MICRO4BIOGAS

Hello! I am Anjali Kalloe, a fourth-year student of Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, Medical Diagnostics at Hanze University Groningen. During my previous internship I gained experience in a hospital laboratory, which made me curious about working in a research laboratory in a company. That's why I chose to intern at Bioclear earth.

Over the next few months, I will be conducting my graduation project at Bioclear earth. The focus of my project is MBA03, a bacterium that plays a crucial role in fermentation, but is not well understood. During my time here, I will be validating qPCR and creating accumulation cultures of MBA03 in both digestate from biodigesters and mineral medium. This topic is part of the MICRO4BIOGAS project.

So far, I am having a great time at Bioclear earth and I am working on my final year project with a lot of enthusiasm. It is very instructive to work with my colleagues who each know a lot about their field. It is also inspiring to work on a project that contributes to a more sustainable world.

Internships at Bioclear earth

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