Sietse Couperus
Sietse Couperus
Soil Health Consultant
"It intrigues me to discover more about sustainable technologies, specifically their biological applications and how they contribute to our society."


Sietse studied Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Groningen. His passion for science took him to the prestigious ETH in Basel, where he conducted a pioneering master's research on the functionality of synthetic tRNA. With this knowledge and experience, he now contributes to our Soil Health team.

He enjoys the variety of his work. One day he may be programming, another day working in the field, and yet another day analysing data to gain new insights. Sietse is eager to learn and feels right at home in our interdisciplinary team, where he has many opportunities to develop new skills. His colleagues appreciate his keen intelligence, his dry sense of humour and his determination to get to the bottom of any research question.

Outside of work, Sietse has a passion for climbing and cooking. His intellectual curiosity drives him to read widely and learn new languages. He is currently concentrating on mastering Italian and Japanese.