Microbial analysis

Space technology on planet earth

In the 90s Bioclear earth collaborated with ESA (European Space Agency) to develop a warning system that detects pathogenic bacteria aboard of the International Space Station. Specific pieces of genetic material (DNA and/or RNA) that are unique to these pathogens are applied in this system.

This DNA/RNA screening method has been developed futher and refined, and is now applied to detect harmful and useful bacteria in water, soil and materials.

Specialised laboratory

Our spin-off company Microbial Analysis has its own laboratory, which conducts this research. We have been applying DNA based techniques  (PCR, Q-PCR and Next Generation Sequencing) since 1995. Internationally MA is acknowledged as a leader in the development and practical applications of these molecular techniques.

Do you require help detecting biocorrosion, biocontamination or biofouling? MA helps you answer crucial questions by detecting and monitoring of the involved microorganisms.

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Eline Keuning
Lead soil health