Bioclear earth participant of European Biotreat project for cleaner water

Improving water quality together

Since the 70s the quality of the surface water in the Netherlands has been seriously improved thanks to new regulations. European regulations have also contributed to cleaner water. Even though we are moving in the right direction, there is no time to sit back and relax. Our rivers, lakes and groundwater are unfortunately still burdened with a broad spectrum of micro-pollutants, such as drug residues and pesticides. To make this water suitable and safe to drink, water companies have to invest in new purification techniques in order to guarantee the safety of drinking water. 

To tackle these problems a European project has been launched called Biotreat, with the goal to develop sustainable and reliable biological purification techniques for water treatment. Bioclear earth has been asked to join this effort because of our expertise.

Innovative biological treatment of drinking water

For this Biotreat project, a new technique has been developed based on the biological break down of the micro-pollutants. This technique involves the addition of specific bacteria, capable of breaking down the micro-pollutants, to the water treatment. The bacteria can be added directly or attached to a carrier material.

The use of biological over physical chemical techniques offers many advantages:

  • No dangerous chemicals are used.
  • The method is capable of cleaning groundwater, which otherwise would be left unused.
  • The technology is cheaper.
  • The technology is plug-and-play, no extra infrastructure/facilities are required.
  • The possibility to remove specific compounds.

Application of biological water treatment

These biological techniques are most attractive for small production facilities, which produce up to 1 million m3 of water per year. 


For more information on biological purification techniques for water treatment, please contact Marlea Wagelmans.

Marlea Wagelmans
Senior consultant risk assessment