Nawabo, the sustainable, effective biological filter for groundwater contamination

Nawabo is a concept developed by Bioclear earth, in which the sediments itself is actively utilised for the remediation of contaminated groundwater. Nawabo stands for natural degradation in sediments. We control the contamination by utilising the biological processes, which naturally occur in sediments. Bacteria present in the sludge degrade the contaminants in the groundwater, before the groundwater reaches the surface water.

Nawabo analysis package

To determine whether a location is suited for the Nawabo approach Bioclear earth has developed a special analysis, which determines the degradation capacity of the sludge. When the degradation capacity of the sludge is satisfactory, the Nawabo approach can be applied and we monitor the entire process until all contamination has been removed or reduced to an acceptable level.

For more information on the Nawabo approach, please call Freek van den Heuvel.


Freek van den Heuvel
Consultant water quality and phytoremediation