Water quality
"If there is magic on this planet , it is contained in water."

Loren Eiseley

We pave the way for good water quality thanks to our knowledge of biological processes

Water, a force of nature

In a relatively small country like the Netherlands one trillion ( litres of drinking water is used each year. This is about 120 litres per capita a day.  The major part of drinking water, about 0,7 trillion is used by Households. The remaining drinking water is used by the industry and agriculture. The industry and agriculture also utilise large amounts of groundwater and surface water.

Because of our way of managing sewage systems and of operationally managing the industry, regrettably there is still emission of undesirable substances to our surface water. Not only is this a problem for the environment and for water companies, but also for the industry itself. Because of the presence of undesirable substances, it’s not an easy task to maintain optimal water quality, which is necessary for stable industrial processes.

Our solution: Microbiology combined with technology

Bioclear earth helps her clients with all kinds of questions about water quality. In many of our projects the microbial world plays an important part. Microorganisms can cause problems, for instance unwanted fatty acids in the production of paper, but they can also be very useful, when they break down medical residues and pesticides.

Thanks to our knowledge of microbiology and process technology combined with the support of our own laboratories, we can work out smart solutions for all kinds of problems and questions considering water quality, for instance:

  • Research on optimizing production processes.
  • Optimization of water extraction.
  • Troubleshooting unwanted microbial activity.
  • Research on re-use of wastewater: extractions of new materials and/or energy.

Would you like to know about what we can do for you, contact Freek van den Heuvel.

Freek van den Heuvel
Consultant water quality and phytoremediation